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There is nothing more remarkable than knowing with great clarity what you were born to do.


A space and a place where you can learn the essential skills necessary to truly and deeply awaken the new entrepreneur within you. Think of CKTimes™ as a blank piece of paper, where your beginner’s mind is inspired to see, experience, develop and design your Dream, Vision, Purpose, and Mission through which you will create a new venture, conceive of a business opportunity, invented solely by you, with the tools and guidance your CKTimes™ Facilitator will provide you.

CKTimes™ introduces a breakthrough process of creating an extraordinary business. We will lead you in your CKTimes™ journey and will introduce you to a new way of thinking about entrepreneurship, about creating a venture of your own, about how to use your wits and imagination to design your ideal business - one you were meant to start and grow.

Armed with a wealth of cutting edge training, state of the art front-end and back-end solutions and real world experience, CKTimes is an excellent option to provide first-class workshops that are ahead of it's time . Whether you want to turn your part-time gig into your full-time business, take your existing company to new heights, or you’re just starting out, CKTimes can help. We’ll fast-track your growth and save you years of expensive trial and error....

We have helped small businesses, corporations and educational institutions plan, design and execute cutting edge training programs and provide exciting software solutions. 

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Starting, Growing and Selling Multiple Businesses Has Given CK The Freedom And Lifestyle To Work When, Where And How He Wants ...

CK Khor


In many of his media interviews

and asked as to how he is the most suitable candidate to help you start and grow your businesshe has this to say...

"Hi! My name is CK and I am a coach that can help you get through the challenges of starting and growing a business. Why me? Well, for starters, I started and grew my first business when I was 15! And since then I have started and sold countless businesses. Don't get me wrong. It was definitely not easy. I have made almost all the mistakes any young entrepreneur makes. The only difference is I did not attend formal business education. Heck. I can't even write proper English. What you are reading is the work of a very talented copywriter whom I have used since I conceptualized and started my first business. What I can teach you will take years to digest and test and so I have compiled all I have learned into an easy to digest format — ell designed to help you explode your business. And after seeing the caliber of training and front-end as well as back-end software solutions that you’ll be receiving, you'll be more confident than ever to reach ALL your entrepreneurial goals in 2018 and beyond...I know that you will use the training and the software I provide to start, build and grow successful businesses — and dramatically grow your income this upcoming year and beyond..."  

And he is going to help you...



I help you see what stands between you and your goal and crush your limiting beliefs about develpoing an online presence.



So if you feel it's time to step up and want to get some serious altitude, come and soar with me.



I help you learn the skills you need and apply them in the real world and then act based on real world feedback.

It Wasn't Always Like This Though. 

CK started from humble beginnings And Has Only Been Able To Experience This Sort Of Success Because He Tried And Tested Many Different Things. He Tried And Failed At Many Things But Kept On Going. Just Check This Out...

16 Years Old

His 1st Business

Even though he passed his N Levels, he decided to pursue a career in performing magic. He found a very talented web developer to secure an online presence at an extremely affordable price. He leveraged his negotiation skills to do this at a 'dirt'cheap price tag. His website blew his competition out of the water and closed many performing gigs which contributed to amassing some seed money to start selling magic to hobbyists. 

17 Years Old 

Rise To Fame

He secured his presence on National TV when he was featured on Channel 5, the local papers and international magic magazines solidifying his presence in the global magic market . He then went on to achieve A Guinness World Record as well as the Singapore Book Of Records. He was then invited to perform at Las Vegas where he met David Copperfield in person and shared a priceless moment together with him talking about magic 

18 Years Old 

Recognized For His Efforts

CK was nominated by 37,000 people worldwide as the Youngest Enterprising Magician Of The Year Of The Year and Medal Of Merlin just before enrolling into National Service. 

21 Years Old 

Did A Complete 180

Realizing that many of his clients required funding to grow their business, he started a company specializing in small business loans. He provided close to USD$1, 000,000 for his clients in the first year alone.. 

22 Years Old 

Went Regional

He then ventured into un-chartered territory by partnering with a locally based company and launching a bio-metric watch in Asia garnering recognition from experts in the regional health industry. 

CK has been featured..

Online, In the local papers, magazines and on TV.

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CK's Latest Interview

Magic Tricks Was The Surprising Launchpad For This Entrepreneur’s Success

Is this article another magic trick illusion? Fortunately, I won’t be doing any slide of hands in this post nor concealing anything from you. If you’re feeling beat up and can’t seem to find any inspiration in your life at the moment, this article will reignite your fire with magic and real-life stories.

CK Khor, a Guinness World Record holder and serial entrepreneur, started from passionate and humble beginnings of a budding magician to something greater. He has scaled his magic show business at an incredible rate and has been recognised past the borders of Singapore.

CK is a proven example and living testimonial that grades do not define who you are or your future. Read more..

Ck's Foray Into Serial Entrepreneurship Has Changed His Life And It Has Given Him The Opportunity To Help Others, Too. And he wants to help YOU. He is going to unpack your talents, gifts, and abilities, and integrate them into a plan for creating a business – and a life – that is so good you can barely stay in your body!

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