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And save you years of trial and error. You’ll learn the critical mindsets, daily habits, and foundational business skill-sets you need to become a successful, high performing entrepreneur. 

Grow Your Dream Business With Us.


CKTimes is a space and a place where you can learn the essential skills necessary to truly and deeply awaken the new entrepreneur within you. Think of CKTimes™ as a blank piece of paper, where your beginner’s mind is inspired to see, experience, develop and design your Dream, Vision, Purpose, and Mission through which you will create a new venture, conceive of a business opportunity, invented solely by you, with the tools and guidance CK will provide you. 
CKTimes™ introduces a breakthrough process of creating an extraordinary business. We will lead you in your CKTimes™ journey and will introduce you to a new way of thinking about entrepreneurship, about creating a venture of your own, about how to use your wits and imagination to design the future and to eradicate the past. Once you’ve identified your unique talents, you’ll learn how to match them with real business opportunities so you can create significant value in the world and directly profit from them. 
You’ll learn the critical mindsets, daily habits, and foundational business skill-sets you need to become a successful, high performing entrepreneur. CK learned and studied material from several business icons, such as Tony Robbins and Richard Branson and in these program we’ve broken down the patterns and secrets all the successful entrepreneurs who build one profitable business after another have in common, so you can easily learn them and start using them in your own life and business starting today

Starting, Growing and Selling Multiple Businesses Has Given CK The Freedom And Lifestyle To Work When, Where And How He Wants ...


Hi. My name is CK. And I am your business consultant. I will help you get through the challenges of starting and growing a business. Why me? Well, for starters, I started and grew my first business when I was 15! And since then I have started and sold countless businesses. Don't get me wrong. It was definitely not easy. I have made almost all the mistakes any young entrepreneur makes. The only difference is I did not attend formal business education. I have helped my now growing list of clients to supply internet marketing solutions like content management, pay per click advertising, social media engagement, customer relationship management and mobile applications.  I also teach what I know via 'LIVE' conferences, online seminars and private coaching. What I can teach you will take years to digest and test and so I have compiled all I have learned into an easy to learn format — ell designed to help you explode your business. And after seeing the caliber of training that you’ll be receiving, you'll be more confident than ever to reach ALL your entrepreneurial and lifestyle goals in 2018 and beyond...I know that you will use the training I provide to start, build and grow successful businesses.

But First, Does Any of These Sound Familiar?

I Am Frustrated And Overwhelmed

You're frustrated and overwhelmed by the information that's out there and don't know what to do first... 

I Have Spent Thousands

You spent thousands on eBooks, courses and software and still aren't seeing results? 

I Don't See Any Improvement

You spent countless hours putting up your website but aren't getting website visitors? 

I Don't Know Who To Turn To Next

You feel alone and isolated not knowing who to turn to 

You're Not Alone...

We get emails every day from subscribers who share their frustrations about their business. It usually boils down to four main obstacles that's stopping them from reaching their goals:



This is the biggest roadblock for most beginners. I bet it's most likely what's stopping you from moving forward. Setting a website and getting all the elements working together is not an easy task for a beginner. Most people don't show you where to begin and how to put it all together.



You buy every product that you find, go through the content and feel overwhelmed by what you need to do first. You end up suffering from analysis paralysis and end up procrastinating. The whole vicious cycle repeats again. 



You don't know where to begin, what to do first and what to do next. You don't have a system to follow from A to Z.



You don't have the support, accountability and a coach to help you get through the challenges of starting and growing a business. 

The Good News..

Ck's Foray Into Serial Entrepreneurship Has Changed His Life And It Has Given Him The Opportunity To Help Others, Too. And he wants to help YOU. He is going to unpack your talents, gifts, and abilities, and integrate them into a plan for creating a business – and a life.

Enjoy all these benefits and more when you attend our LIVE seminars, sign up for our PRIVATE COACHING or enroll for our WEBINARS...

  • Training Courses - You'll get instant access to a constantly updated private 'Training Vault'. This is where you'll find training videos and courses which you'll get unretricted access to and any future courses I release.
  • Coaching & Mentoring  - UNLIMITED one-on-one direct access to CK so you can ask any question and get the guidance you need.You'll get UNLIMITED access to the live chat function so you can contact CK at any time. He responds to ALL messages.
  • Private, Members-Only Community  - You'll get access to a supportive and welcoming community of like-minded members. You'll be able to get feedback, get help with technical issues and discuss challenges you're currently facing.
  • Feedback & Critique - Get expert feedback from CK about your website, blog, sales page, opt-in page, eBook or anything else. Other members will also be able to share their thoughts. It's like having many more pairs of eyes to look over for anything that could be improved.
  • Set Your Goals - The best way to get results and move forward is to set goals. Inside the members area, you can set goals. It can be as big or small as possible. You can post updates for everyone to follow and support you along your journey. You'll form new and good habits and finally start seeing your first dollar, first subscriber or whatever it may be.
  • Exclusive Resources - You'll receive member-only content, tools, checklists and special discounts not offered outside the members area. As a valued member, you'll have perks that non-members won't ever get.

Armed with a wealth of cutting edge training, state of the art front-end and back-end solutions and real world experience, CKTimes will help you to turn your part-time gig into your full-time business or take your existing company to new heights.



If you don't have the proper structure to begin with, then you can't move on to the next steps. You need the right tools and build with the intention of growing big. It's just like building a house, you build a strong base before anything else.


If nobody is listening to you, then you'll never make sales. I'll cover topics to build your email list and audience. You'll also find out how to build trust and be seen as the authority in your field so your prospects will have no hesitation to buy anything you recommend.


You could have the greatest website in the world but without website visitors, it's worthless. We'll cover a variety of traffic methods such as social media, video marketing, blogging, SEO and much more.


How do you go from $1000 /month to $5000 /month? Or $10,000 /month to $50,000 /month? It takes a completely different mindset to get to the next level. I'll show you how I've scaled my business while reducing my work hours.


It's very common for entrepreneurs to work crazy hours. I used to. But not anymore. You want to make the best use of your time and only work on tasks that will yield the best returns to your business.


You could be given all the tools and resources you need to build a successful business, but if you don't have the mental capacity to handle obstacles, stay persistent, stay hungry and visualize success, then it would all be useless. It all starts with your MIND.




Turn Your Talent Into Income

You will learn how to identify your natural talents and skill sets — and then learn how to connect them with the biggest money-making opportunities now and in the future. You’ll get several tests, tools, and techniques so you can pinpoint your REAL talents — the ones that not only come easy to you, but that you're most comfortable with.  


How To Be An Entrepreneur 

Once you’ve identified your unique talents, you’ll learn how to match them with real business opportunities so you can create significant value in the world and directly profit from them. You’ll learn the critical mindsets, daily habits, and foundational business skill-sets you need to become a successful, high performing entrepreneur. In this program we’ve broken down the patterns and secrets all the successful entrepreneurs who build one profitable business after another have in common, so you can easily learn them and start using them in your own life and business starting today.


Modern Marketing Methods

Inside this program, you're also going to learn cutting edge marketing models, techniques, and strategies to attract and retain new customers in today's digital world. By the end of the program, you’ll not only know how 'modern marketing' works, but also how to create your own complete marketing campaigns that attract immediate attention and consistent sales.  


Copywriting Secrets

You're going to discover some of the best copywriting secrets from legendary marketers and writers like Frank Kern, Craig Clemens, Dean Jackson, and John Carlton. You’ll know exactly how to write powerful copy that grabs your customers attention, trigger curiosity and interest in your product or service, and ultimately persuade them to take action and BUY from you.


Traffic School

You're going to learn how to get high quality traffic, and customers to your business. You’ll learn both free and paid traffic generation techniques so that you’ll be able to get traffic regardless of your budget. You’ll learn PROVEN strategies and techniques for video marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), article writing, social media marketing, Facebook marketing, affiliate marketing, pay per click and everything in between. After going through this program, you’ll have all the skills and techniques to get traffic and people to your offers at will... regardless of your budget.  


How To Build A Profitable Business

You’ll learn the 7 critical factors that we believe are the cornerstones to building a profitable business for the LONG TERM. Based off experience, if you don’t incorporate these 7 factors into your business, your business will likely fail. Your business will run sluggish, subpar, and won’t be able to generate the biggest profits that it can… On the other hand, if you do understand and leverage these 7 factors, you’ll move fast, maximize productivity, and ultimately generate more sales and profits for your company… 

Our Signature Courses



Google Adwords

Benefit from CK's years of experience in the industry, working at the forefront of the PPC market as a business owner, consultant, presenter and trainer as he teaches you how to expertly research, develop & manage highly profitable Google AdWords campaigns for your company. Take complete control over your company's spending and maximize your company's return on investment. Manage and optimize your company's AdWords campaigns like a professional with insightful step by step guidance.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is without a doubt the most popular Website Analytics tool on the planet today. Google Analytics has helped millions of businesses understanding their audience better by offering them so detailed information about their daily visitors. Learn how to get started with Google Analytics and what's the best package to select according to your needs. You will be able to understand your visitors' behavior and pattern to predict how they will behave when they reach your page and use this information to fine tune your marketing campaign. You'll discover how to track conversions by setting up and monitoring your advertising goals..


Facebook Marketing

Facebook can build your business, promote your launch, grow a list of eager target leads, and make sales. And there’s no one type of business it works for. CK has worked firsthand and advised on campaigns for all his clients. From e-commerce to brick and mortar, from restaurants to lawyers and business consultants, CK has seen Facebook Ads work for them all. In this course on Facebook Advertising, CK will guide you to become someone who knows how to turn on the tap of traffic, increase engagement to your brand, and skyrocket leads and sales to your business.



Service And Comfort

We give all our clients the best service. And the best service means our clients have less to do, so they can concentrate on their marketing efforts and engage more customers.  

We are here for you every step of the way!

Let us take on the grunt work so you can maximize growth quickly and painlessly. Help us help you to join the companies that trust us with their business to increase traffic, sales, sign-ups, and social engagement.

The work that you do by the end of these courses will increase conversions by connecting the dots between design and marketing. 

As a result you can better express your message with clarity. After all - what you say is as important as how you display it. Most of our clients see this in action on tons of different areas on their site and print marketing. 


Who Are These Programs For?

  • If you're drowned by all the information, ideas and tools out there
  • If you find the technical aspects of setting up an online business challenging such as sales pages, opt-ins and sales funnels
  • If you don't have a plan, system or business model to follow
  • If you feel like you're alone and don't have anyone to turn to for help
  • If you want a clear plan to follow so you can stay focused and start seeing results
  • If you're serious about building your business and don't mind putting in the hard work, being challenged and accountable

They Are NOT For You If...

  • You're looking for the next "magical pill" to quick riches
  • You're not willing to put in the hard work to establish and get your business rolling first
  • You're down to your last dollar, struggling to pay your bills. This is not for you.

We Are A Completely Unique Incubator For Emerging Entrepreneurs And We Have A Sneaky Shortcut To Help You Build And Grow A Business...

Join Our Growing List Of Entrepreneurs That Trust Us To Help Them Increase Traffic, Sign-Ups And Sales.


Grow Your Dream Business With Us. We provide exciting front/back-end solutions and first-class workshops. 


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